SMART Play Pods

targets_4symbolsEngage young children with the fun, excitement and feedback of interactive technology combined with active group play and multisensory action-based learning. Observe as they develop physical, sensory, cognitive, social, academic and behavioral skills to last a lifetime.


  • How it Works – Players and teams respond to the excitement of visual and auditory cues to hit randomly or sequentially moving target images to achieve their best score over specific and varied time periods.
  • Targets of different colors, shapes, letters, numbers and symbols and sounds are key to the multisensory learning experience.
  • Players hit targets with hands, feet, beanbags, foam noodles, or playground balls.
  • Wired, Wireless or a combination of both targets can be placed up to 300’ from the master control box with time and score display.
  • Applications – Pre-school, Day/Child Care, K-3 PE & Adapted PE, Sensory Processing, Cardio Fitness, Action-Based Learning (Math, Language, Music)
  • Ages – 6 months to 8+ years
  • Abilities – Inclusive to all, including sensory and physically challenged

Programming & Requirements


  • Programming for Multisensory Fitness and Learning – User Manual plus Online Library (with video in development). Hundreds of fun fitness, brain, memory, and action-based learning games and drills for groups, individuals and teams.
  • Designed for large or small classes in multi-purpose rooms.
  • Results tracking score over time, accuracy.
  • Easy Set-up – Wireless systems include wheeled carrying case. Wired systems include instructions and parts for easy installation.


  • Fitness – cardio, functional, balance, flexibility
  • Neural/Cognitive – proprioception, vestibular control, hand-foot-eye coordination, visual, tactile-visual, sensory processing, cognitive agility, full body motor coordination, timing and rhythm, attention and focus, memory, attentive auditory training, neuroplasticity
  • Social/Behavioral – Enjoyment, cooperation, inclusion, competition (self and others), social development, goal setting, peer respect, discipline and self control, confidence and self-esteem
  • Durability, Warranty and Service – Designed for long-term durability, all Multisensory Fitness products are also covered by our exclusive Platinum Service Plan.

Click here for detailed Specification Sheet (pdf)