Train Your Brain While Working Out

SMARTfit™ Functional and Brain Fitness Training Games offer highly motivating scalable programming designed to produce rapid results. Fitness and learning take place simultaneously, making SMARTfit™ highly effective and fun for all ages and abilities. SMARTfit™ score tracking and analytics motivate and inspire users to reach their ideal physical fitness and cognitive potential in record time.
NEW RELEASE! 16x16 dot matrix target provides 3 digit word and counting games.

SMARTfit™ products are proudly engineered and made in the USA - 18 months platinum service warranty


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Neurons That Fire Together Wire Together*

Neuroplasticity, the brain's ability to re-wire itself in response to sensory experiences, is now accepted science.**
Research also confirms that exercise is good for the brain. SMARTfit™ programming goes further,
concurrently triggering and strengthening new brain connections by simultaneously engaging the whole body
and multiple senses to improve both mental and physical performance.
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*Donald Hebb, Hebbian Theory
**Eric Kandel, Nobel Prize winner